2025 Acura RDX

The 2025 Acura RDX Reviews And Price

The 2025 Acura RDX stands out as a luxurious two-row SUV, boasting a captivating exterior design and delivering an unparalleled driving experience. Positioned as one of the premier mid-size SUVs within the brand, it distinguishes itself with a robust engine powertrain and the inclusion of a standard 10-speed automatic transmission.

This model goes above and beyond by offering a comprehensive array of standard safety and technology features. Additionally, the Acura RDX provides ample interior space, coupled with generous cargo capacity behind its second row. The interior is designed to prioritize comfort and spaciousness, ensuring that occupants can enjoy a relaxed and accommodating environment. 

2025 Acura RDX Redesign

As of the 2023 model year, the Acura RDX belongs to the third generation, initially launched in 2019. It has been consistently carried forward to subsequent model years, including 2020, 2021, 2022, and the current 2023 model. There is no indication from Acura suggesting a redesign for the 2025 model year.

It is anticipated that Acura will continue with the existing design for the 2025 model year, maintaining both exterior and interior features. However, no official statement has been released by Acura regarding any potential changes. For the latest notifications, interested individuals are encouraged to follow on Twitter and Facebook.

2025 Acura RDX Redesign

What Sets It Apart From its Rivals?

The 2025 Acura RDX distinguishes itself from its rivals in the compact luxury SUV segment through performance, comfort, and technology. Competing against models like the Lexus NX and Audi Q5, the RDX stands out with its potent turbocharged engine, which provides lively acceleration and responsive handling. Its spacious and well-appointed interior offers ample room for passengers and cargo, high-quality materials, and a host of advanced features.

2025 Acura RDX Release Date

The precise release date for the 2025 Acura TLX has not been officially announced by Acura as of now. However, reports from various sources suggest a potential availability in the Fall of 2024 for the 2025 model year.

For those unwilling to wait for the 2025 model, the option to order a 2023 Acura TLX is available. The 2025 model may not undergo significant changes. Any updates regarding the availability of the Acura TLX for the 2025 model year will be promptly added to this article.

2025 Acura RDX Release Date

What will be its Cost?

In the 2025 model year, the Acura TLX is expected to maintain a similar trim structure to its predecessor, the 2023 Acura RDX. The lineup is anticipated to include the Base, Technology, A-Spec, Advance, and A-Spec Advance trims. 

TrimsPrice (Est.)
A-Spec Advance$54,000
2025 Acura RDX Price

2025 Acura RDX Interior

  • The interior of the 2025 Acura RDX is characterized by its sleek and contemporary design, providing a spacious and comfortable cabin for both passengers and cargo. Distinguished by premium materials, the cabin features soft-touch surfaces, luxurious leather seats, and authentic wood accents. Meticulous attention to detail is evident, with precision stitching and tasteful metal accents adding a touch of refinement to the overall design.
  • The front seats offer a comfortable and supportive experience, catering to ample legroom and headroom even for taller drivers. The rear seats are equally spacious, providing generous room for adult passengers to unwind. The RDX excels in cargo space, boasting up to 58.9 cubic feet when the rear seats are folded down.
  • Highlighting its technological prowess, the RDX’s interior is equipped with an advanced infotainment system, featuring a user-friendly 10.2-inch touchscreen display. This system seamlessly integrates with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, enhancing connectivity with smartphones. Complementing this, the RDX offers a premium audio system for an immersive sound experience.
  • Additional interior features include a panoramic moonroof, heated and ventilated front seats, ambient lighting, and a hands-free power tailgate. The vehicle is also equipped with cutting-edge driver assistance technologies, including adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking.
  • The Acura RDX’s interior stands out in the luxury compact SUV segment, combining top-tier materials, spaciousness, and advanced technology features to create a luxurious and comfortable driving experience appreciated by both drivers and passengers.
2025 Acura RDX Interior

2024 Acura RDX Pros & Cons


  • Striking and captivating exterior design
  • Spacious cabin with ample interior room
  • Nimble handling and precise steering
  • Thoughtfully designed interior


  • Limited powertrain options available

2025 Acura RDX Engine, Power, Performance

In the upcoming 2025 Acura RDX model, it is anticipated that Acura will maintain the existing powertrain, as no significant changes are expected. The 2023 Acura RDX is equipped with a consistent powertrain across all trims, a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine delivering 272 HP and 280 lb-ft of Torque. This engine is paired with a standard 10-speed automatic transmission, available with both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive drivetrains.

When assessing the performance of the Acura RDX, specifically the A-Spec trim, it has been reported by the car and driver that the vehicle achieves a 0-60 MPH speed in 6.2 seconds. This performance benchmark positions the Acura RDX favorably within the mid-size SUV category.

2025 Acura RDX MPG

The 2023 Acura RDX achieves commendable fuel efficiency, boasting 22 MPG in the city, 28 MPG on the highway, and a combined 24 MPG with a front-wheel drive configuration. Opting for the all-wheel-drive variant slightly adjusts these figures to 21 MPG in the city, 27 MPG on the highway, and 23 MPG combined.

Anticipation surrounds the 2025 Acura RDX, with expectations that it will either maintain or surpass the fuel economy ratings of its predecessor. This article will be promptly updated upon the release of official fuel efficiency data for the 2025 model year by Acura.


Is there a redesign for the 2025 Acura RDX?

As of the provided information, there is no indication of a redesign for the 2025 model year. The 2024 Acura RDX is expected to maintain the existing design, both exterior and interior.

What safety features are offered in the 2025 Acura RDX?

The Acura RDX is expected to continue offering a robust safety suite, including AcuraWatch technologies, a Multi-Angle Rearview Camera, airbags, a Blind Spot Information System, Rear Cross Traffic Monitor, and a Surround-View Camera system.

What is the expected fuel efficiency of the 2025 Acura RDX?

Specific fuel efficiency data for the 2025 model year is not available, but it is anticipated to either maintain or surpass the fuel economy ratings of its predecessor. The 2023 Acura RDX achieved 22 MPG city, 28 MPG highway, and 24 MPG combined with front-wheel drive.


The 2025 Acura RDX builds on the strengths of its predecessor, offering a luxurious and technologically advanced driving experience. With a striking design, spacious interior, advanced safety features, and a powerful yet efficient powertrain, the Acura RDX continues to position itself as a commendable choice in the luxury SUV segment. 

While specific details for the 2025 model year are not yet available, the anticipated features and improvements suggest a continuation of the model’s reputation for excellence in design, performance, and safety. Potential buyers are encouraged to stay updated with official announcements from Acura for the latest and most accurate information on the 2025 Acura RDX.

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