2024 BMW i8 M

2024 BMW i8 M: Release Date, Price, Specs, Pros & Cons

The 2024 BMW i8 M is a car for which every sportsperson is waiting for. This car has a sporty design, impressive exterior, and chic interior. It is going to be entirely different from its previous generations when it comes to range. Moreover, its hybrid system is going to provide more power. If you want to know everything about this sports car then read this article till the end as we have covered everything from release date to specs.

2024 BMW i8 M Release Date

People are calling this car the 2024 BMW i8 M for a reason. It is going to be released in 2024. However, the 2024 BMW i8 M release date has not been declared by BMW yet and there is no information present regarding its booking. So, you are surely going to see this car in 2024 but maybe in the beginning, mid, or end of it.

2024 BMW i8 M Release Date
BMW i8 Release Date

2024 BMW i8 M Price And Trims

Are you familiar with the trims of BMW? No! Well, no problem at all as we have got you covered. This new model is going to have two trims which are known as roadster and coupe. However, the BMW i8 2024 price of these trims is quite different as compared to the predecessors. The price of a roadster starts from $160,000 while the price of a coupe starts from $180,000 in the United States.

Furthermore, BMW has mentioned that the price may increase or decrease in the future. As we all know the economy has not been stable since the pandemic so the price may be affected by it.

2024 BMW i8 M Price
2024 bmw i8 m price

2024 BMW i8 M Pros & Cons

Aerodynamic efficiencyThe 2024 BMW i8 M price is going to be quite expensive
Stronger engine with plug-in hybrid powertrain 
Futuristic aesthetics 

2024 BMW i8 M Engine, Power, Performance

BMW i8 M 2024 is going to have a stronger engine and power. Moreover, it is going to provide outstanding performance still the exact information regarding these things has not been provided by BMW.

But, according to some reports, we have come to know that it is going to have a plug-in hybrid system as well as a strong PHEV powertrain. Thus, it will provide a longer electric range of around 65 miles when it is completely charged.

The plug-in hybrid technology allows this electric car to gain energy while braking. It means that when the driver takes off his/her foot from the accelerator then the kinetic energy is generated. So, the drive will convert into electrical energy. This will charge the battery and maximize the vehicle’s range.

With the help of the app, you can precondition the battery and the interior. Moreover, you can easily adjust the temperature according to your needs and this will maximize the range of the vehicle. In this way, the passengers will enjoy a maximum comfort level in the interior.

Furthermore, it is going to have a 1.5 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine along with three electric motors. So, you can now imagine how much power it is going to generate. The gasoline engine and one electric motor are going to spin the rear wheels while the other two motors will spin the front ones. In this way, you will be able to enjoy an all-wheel drive sports car.

When it comes to performance BMW has mentioned that BMW i8 M 2024 can accelerate 0-70 MPH in just about 4 seconds. Nevertheless, the present model contains a 3-cylinder engine that generates around 370 Horsepower. Therefore, the 2024 model is going to stand apart when it comes to engine, power, and performance.

2024 BMW i8 M Interior

2024 BMW i8 M Interior
2024 bmw i8 m interior

If you are looking for luxurious and stylish interiors then BMW i8 M is surely for you! It has been designed with the latest technology and top-quality materials which is not important to mention as we are talking about BMW products!

When it comes to the exterior, the BMW i8 M 2024 features advanced lighting technology, such as energy-efficient LED headlights. These lights improve visibility while driving at night and give the front of the car an appealing look. It also features a panoramic sunroof which makes it more stylish. It allows natural light to enter the cabin at the push of a button, giving it a light and spacious feel.

BMW is not just paying special attention to the exterior but the interior as well. They are giving it a complete sporty touch from the inside which makes it stand apart. It has an aerodynamic design along with a unique style. It consists of butterfly doors. You will be able to find futuristic interior design elements to make it more eye-catching.

Furthermore, the 2024 BMW i8 M interior has a spacious cabin with impressive legroom and headroom. So, the passengers and the driver both will enjoy the ride to the maximum.

2024 BMW i8 M Range, Charging, Battery Capacity

BMW i8 M battery capacity is not known yet as BMW has not made any statement regarding it. Still, we have some reports through which we have come to know that the i8 M will have a longer electric range like 330 miles in full electric mode.

Keep in mind that BMW i8 M can go from 0-70 miles per hour in just about 4.2 seconds. Not just that, the new BMW i8 M can easily reach a top speed of 180 miles per hour in just a blink. However, the range depends on weather conditions, road issues, and how you drive.

Furthermore, BMW has made a statement that the charging is surely going to impress sportscar lovers. BMW i8 M is going to charge quite earlier as compared to the predecessors.

BMW understands the importance of charging capacity at home and in public. For that reason, the company is offering a standard pod point home charger with proper installation with every order from 1st July 2023 to 31st December 2023. In 2024, BMW may offer this kind of home charging system installation for the BMW i8 M as well.

This home charger is going to provide efficient charging as compared to the typical home 3-pin socket. Moreover, the users can easily check the charging status through the Pod Point application. These charging facilities will be available with the BMW i8 successor.

2024 BMW i8 M Redesign

2024 BMW i8 M MPG And Fuel Economy

BMW is continuously working to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and make use of renewable energy in every way possible. The company is using eco-friendly materials to reduce the ecosystem according to the laws. For that reason, they are making the BMW i8 M 2024 completely electric.

Furthermore, the ones who will purchase the BMW i8 new will surely receive the preferential tax rates frozen up to 2 percent. This percentage will last till 2025 so every i8 M owner can make the most of it.

On the other hand, the owner of this amazing sports car is going to enjoy fuel savings. This electric car will consume less fuel as compared to the combustion engines. BMW is designing it in such a way that it will save around £200-£300 per month for every customer who uses it on a daily basis for work.

The BMW i8 M has different driving modes that allow the driver to easily adjust the fuel efficiency according to his/her needs. The car has a “COMFORT” mode that is ideal for daily driving. If you are quite concerned about the fuel economy then you need to go for the “ECO PRO” mode.

Also, the ones who just want to enhance driving dynamics should opt for “SPORT” mode. By using any of the modes, you can easily get full control over your fuel efficiency.

When we talk about MPG it is usually present in gasoline-powered vehicles. As we all know, the i8 M is an electric car so it may not have MPG. However, there are no specific details present.

2024 BMW i8 M Infotainment And Connectivity Features

The infotainment and connectivity features of BMW i8 M are going to blow your mind for sure. It is going to have a big and impressive Boost Pod. This boost pod will have a number of glass screens. There will be a head-up display available for the convenience of the driver.

You can connect your Android or iPhone device with the boost pod. Or else, you can make the most of the USB connectivity feature as many USB ports will be there. You will be able to play any of your videos and audio on the big screen without any issues.

Moreover, it will have a uniquely designed pad from where you can easily charge your devices. Keep in mind that you do not have to plug-in your device to charge it. Also, you will be able to find your way on the map. The big screen will allow you to see the minor details in the map quite easily.

2024 BMW i8 M Safety Features

BMW has incorporated a lot of advanced safety features in the BMW i8 M. For instance, it has an adaptive cruise control feature which makes it easy for the driver to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles.

Cyclists and pedestrians can be detected by the vehicle’s sensors. It sends out timely warnings and could start automated braking to avoid collisions. The i8 M is fitted with sensors that allow it to recognize probable frontal crashes and sound an alarm. It gives you enough time to respond and avert mishaps. Furthermore, it offers both visual and audio alerts to let you know when a car is in your blind area, which improves lane change safety.

Moreover, it includes an automatic emergency braking system which helps in stopping the car if it senses any collision from the front, side or back. These two safety features are quite attention-grabbing for sports car lovers. Not just that, the i8 M contains parking sensors as well as a 360-degree camera system with which you can easily park the car. This feature is excellent for newbie drivers.

Furthermore, the i8 M has a completely strong structure made up of carbon-fiber. Not just that, it includes a number of airbags to protect you in any case of mishap. Like the present model, the 2024 BMW i8 is also going to have stability control features. This feature helps in keeping the car steady throughout the journey. Thus, the BMW i8 M is going to provide you with a safe and enjoyable driving experience for sure.

2024 BMW i8 M Specs

Brand NameBMW
Model Name2024
Number Of Doors2 Doors
Acceleration0-70 MPH in 4 seconds
Seats2 Seats
Official Websitewww.bmw.com

2024 BMW i8 M Dimensions

Length In Inches188 inches
Height In Inches57 inches
Width In Inches82 inches
Weight in pounds3500 pounds
Size Of Wheel In Inches20×10 inches

2024 BMW i8 M Interior Dimensions

Leg-room In Inches42 inches
Head-room In Inches39 inches
Shoulder-room In Inches58 inches
Volume Of Cargo12 ft³
new bmw i8 price
new bmw i8 price


In conclusion, the release date of the BMW i8 M is not known as there has been no official announcement by the company. Due to this reason, the new BMW i8 price is also not known. However, the company has provided little information regarding the trims, performance, range, infotainment, charging, interior design, exterior design, and safety features. Still, there are many things that are not known about this car. By considering the other information, we can surely say that the BMW i8 M is going to impress everyone. It is going to be an electric sports car that will be able to compete with high-speed combustion engine-based cars. From the range to the dimensions, everything will be a bit different from the predecessors. Moreover, it will be better in performance as compared to the other plug-in hybrid cars. If you are a sports car fan, you should wait for this amazing electric sports car.

FAQs- New BMW i8 M 2024

What will be the cost of BMW i8 M 2024?

Well, the cost of the BMW i8 M 2024 has not been announced yet. However, the expected price range will be from $170,000 to $190,000.

What will be the horsepower of the BMW i8 M?

The BMW i8 M horsepower has not been announced but it is expected that it will boost in power. It will have around 4 cylinders and provide a horsepower of 500.

Is BMW i8 M 2024 going to be fully electric?

Yes, this sportscar is going to be fully electric as BMW is dedicated to pushing innovation limits. This electric car is going to have a longer electric range, more power, and unique design.

What M stands for in BMW i8 M?

BMW i8 M belongs to the M series of BMW. Here M stands for “MOTORSPORT”. Thus, this car is going to provide maximum comfort, speed, performance, and range.

When did the BMW i8 come out?

The BMW i8 production model debuted at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show and went on sale in Germany in June 2014. In August 2014, deliveries to

Will there be any insurance or maintenance of the hybrid components of BMW i8 M?

Yes, the hybrid components will be completely covered for around 7 years.

Will there be any complimentary maintenance for BMW i8 M?

Yes, there will be complimentary maintenance of 3 years for BMW i8 M.  

When will BMW launch the BMW i8 M 2024?

BMW has not made any statement regarding the launch of this car. So, it may launch in the beginning, mid, or end of 2024.

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