Honda Prelude 2025

Honda Prelude 2025: Release Date, Price, Specs, Pros & Cons

The Honda Prelude was a popular sports coupe produced by Honda from 1978 to 2001. It was known for its sleek design, sporty performance, and innovative features. The Prelude was often praised for its handling and driving dynamics thanks to its advanced suspension system and responsive engines. 

Over the years, the Prelude underwent several redesigns, evolving in style and performance. It was also known as one of the first cars to offer features such as four-wheel steering and electronic fuel injection. Initially, it gained a reputation for being a reliable and fun-to-drive sports coupe, appealing to driving enthusiasts. 

Despite its discontinuation in 2001, the Honda Prelude remains a wistful and iconic model among automotive enthusiasts. If you’re interested in getting a thorough grasp of this outstanding Honda Prelude 2025, continue reading until you reach the end of this article.

What Made the Honda Prelude 2025 Stand Out Among Others?

The Honda Prelude stood out because it had cool features like four-wheel steering and fuel injection. It looked sleek, drove sporty, and was reliable. Its competitors were cars like the Toyota Celica and Nissan 240SX.

Honda Prelude 2025 Redesign

Currently, no specific information is available regarding a 2025 redesign for the Honda Prelude. But since it got a big makeover in 2023 and a new generation for 2024, big changes for 2025 aren’t expected. Honda will probably keep the same look from 2024 without many changes for 2025.

Honda Prelude 2025 Redesign

Honda Prelude 2025 Release Date

As of now, Honda has not provided information regarding the release date of the 2025 Honda Prelude. Enthusiasts are left to speculate on its availability, with a possible launch in the summer of 2024 for the 2025 model year. 

Honda Prelude 2025 Release Date

Honda Prelude 2025 Price

Pricing for new models is typically disclosed nearer to the release date and is subject to variation based on factors like trim levels, optional features, and regional markets. As more details emerge closer to its launch, we will update this article, potentially providing insights into the pricing of the Honda Prelude 2025.

2025 Honda Prelude Price

Honda Prelude 2025 Specs

NameHonda Prelude
Model Year2025
No. of DoorsFour-Doors
No. of RowsTwo-Rows
Seating CapacityUp To Five-Passengers
Fuel Tank CapacityN/A
Full Tank Fuel MileageN/A
Fuel Economy (City/ HWY/ Comb.)N/A
Engine NameN/A
Torque OutputN/A
Acceleration (0-60 MPH Time)N/A

Pros & Cons


  • Sleek design
  • Sporty performance
  • Innovative features


  • Discontinued production
  • Limited rear passenger space

Interior of the Honda Prelude 

The interior of the Honda Prelude was designed to reflect its sporty nature and focus on the driver’s experience.

  • It featured a driver-oriented cockpit with well-placed controls and gauges for easy access and readability. 
  • The seats were typically sport-inspired, offering good support and comfort during spirited driving. 
  • Depending on the trim level and model year, the interior could have features like a digital dashboard display, leather upholstery, and a premium sound system. 

Despite being a coupe, the Prelude’s interior offered decent space for front passengers, making it suitable for longer journeys. Overall, the interior of the Honda Prelude was a blend of sportiness, comfort, and functionality, catering to the needs of driving enthusiasts.

Honda Prelude 2025 Interior

Honda Prelude 2025 Safety Features

Here are its safety features.

1. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

The anti-lock brake system (ABS) in the Honda Prelude was a crucial safety feature as it prevented the wheels from locking up during hard braking. This feature ensured that the driver could maintain steering control, reducing the risk of accidents in emergency braking situations.

2. Dual Front Airbags

The Honda Prelude was equipped with dual front airbags inflated in frontal impacts, providing essential protection to the driver and front passenger. These airbags were designed to deploy rapidly upon impact, helping to mitigate the forces experienced by the occupants and reducing the risk of serious injury.

3. Side-Impact Door Beams

The Honda Prelude featured side-impact door beams, which were reinforced sections in the doors designed to improve protection during a side collision. These beams helped to absorb and distribute the forces of a side impact, minimizing intrusion into the passenger compartment and protecting the occupants.

4. 3-Point Seat Belts

The Honda Prelude was equipped with 3-point seat belts for all occupants, offering better crash restraint than lap belts. These seat belts secured the occupant’s upper body and pelvis, reducing the risk of injury in a collision.

5. Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

The Honda Prelude featured daytime running lights (DRL), which automatically illuminated the headlights during the day. This increased the vehicle’s visibility to other drivers, reducing the risk of daytime accidents by making it easier for other road users to see the Prelude.

6. Engine Immobilizer

The Honda Prelude was equipped with an engine immobilizer, a security feature that helped prevent unauthorized starting of the vehicle. This feature added an extra layer of protection against theft, deterring potential thieves from attempting to steal the car.

7. Traction Control System (TCS)

The Honda Prelude’s Traction Control System (TCS) helped prevent wheel spin during acceleration on slippery surfaces. It achieved this by applying the brakes to individual wheels or reducing engine power, improving traction and stability in challenging driving conditions.

8. Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

The Electronic Stability Control (ESC) in the Honda Prelude helped maintain vehicle stability during sudden maneuvers or loss of traction. It achieved this by selectively applying brakes to individual wheels and reducing engine power to help the driver maintain emergency control.

9. Crumple Zones

The Honda Prelude featured crumple zones designed to absorb and redirect impact forces away from the passenger compartment in a collision. These zones helped to reduce the severity of injuries to the occupants by dissipating the energy of the crash.

10. Side Curtain Airbags

The Honda Prelude was equipped with side curtain airbags, which offered additional head protection in side-impact collisions. These airbags deployed from the ceiling, covering the side windows and providing a cushioning effect to protect the heads of the occupants from injury.

7. Wireless Charging

The Honda Prelude may offer wireless charging for compatible smartphones for added convenience. This feature eliminates the need for cables, keeping the cabin clutter-free and ensuring that devices are always charged and ready to use.

8. Sound System

The Honda Prelude is a premium sound system that delivers an immersive audio experience. Whether listening to music podcasts or making hands-free calls, the sound system ensures crystal-clear good quality throughout the cabin.

9. Connected Services

The Honda Prelude might provide connected services. These services could include features like remote start, vehicle diagnostics, and emergency assistance. 

These safety features, among others, made the Honda Prelude a safe and reliable sports coupe, offering peace of mind to drivers and passengers alike.

Infotainment and Connectivity Features

The Honda Prelude, especially in its later generations, offered a range of infotainment and connectivity features to enhance the driving experience. Here are some standard features found in the Prelude:

1. Audio System

The Honda Prelude typically came with a premium audio system that offers high-quality sound through multiple speakers strategically placed throughout the cabin. It often included features like AM/FM radio, CD player, and sometimes cassette player (in earlier models).

2. Touchscreen Display

Many modern Honda Preludes were equipped to control various infotainment functions. This display could be used to access the audio system, navigation system (if equipped), and other settings.

3. Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth technology allows drivers to connect their smartphones to the car’s infotainment system wirelessly. This enabled hands-free calling and audio streaming, enhancing convenience and safety.

4. USB Ports

USB ports were often available in the Honda Prelude, allowing passengers to connect their devices for charging or media playback. This feature ensured that everyone stayed connected and entertained throughout the journey.

5. Auxiliary Input

An auxiliary input jack was typically included in the Prelude which allows passengers to connect external devices like MP3 players or smartphones to the car’s audio system.

6. Navigation System

Some Honda Prelude models had built-in navigation systems. These systems gave drivers turn-by-turn directions and showed points of interest. They helped drivers find their destinations faster.

7. Voice Control

Voice control technology allows drivers to control various infotainment functions using their voice, reducing distractions and improving safety.

8. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

In later models, the Honda Prelude probably supported Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. These features let users connect their smartphones to the car’s infotainment system, making it easier to use and adding more functions.

The infotainment features enhanced the Honda Prelude’s appeal as a sports coupe. They provided modern conveniences, complementing its performance capabilities for both drivers and passengers.

Exterior Dimensions


Interior Dimensions

Head-Room (Front/ Rear)N/A
Leg-Room (Front/ Rear)N/A
Shoulder-Room (Front/ Rear)N/A
Hip-Room (Front/ Rear)N/A


How did the Honda Prelude evolve over the years in design?

The Honda Prelude underwent several redesigns throughout its production run, evolving in style and performance. Each generation brought updates to its exterior design, interior features, and mechanical enhancements, keeping it competitive in the sports coupe market.

What engine options were available in the Honda Prelude?

The Honda Prelude was offered various engine options, including inline-four and V6 engines. These engines varied in displacement and power output, with later models often featuring more advanced technology for improved performance and fuel efficiency.

Will the Honda Prelude make a comeback in the future?

While rumors and concepts suggest a possible return of the Honda Prelude, Honda has not officially confirmed any plans. Enthusiasts and fans continue to speculate and hope for the return of this iconic sports coupe.


The Honda Prelude 2025 was a beloved sports coupe that left a lasting impression on automotive enthusiasts. With its sleek design, sporty performance, and innovative features, the Prelude captured the hearts of drivers looking for a fun and reliable sports car. 

Despite its discontinuation in 2001, the Honda Prelude remains wistful and iconic, appreciated for its handling, driving dynamics, and unique features. Whether reminiscing about its past or anticipating its potential return, the Honda Prelude holds a special place in the hearts of many.

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