2025 Jeep Gladiator

2025 Jeep Gladiator: Release Date, Price, Specs, Pros & Cons

The 2025 Jeep Gladiator is a rugged and popular mid-size pickup truck known for its off-road capabilities and iconic Jeep design. It features a straightforward dashboard with user-friendly controls, similar to the Wrangler. The new model includes durable details such as a waterproof push-button start. Optional convenience features like a heated steering wheel and front seats are available. 

Jeep Motors has increased the Gladiator’s wheelbase, improving rear-seat legroom compared to the four-door Wrangler. However, its rugged nature may make driving around corners on paved roads less comfortable than more civilized midsize pickups. The Gladiator’s four-wheel-drive system and suspension are designed for off-road maneuvering. 

The 2025 Gladiator may offer a six-speed manual transmission, making it a standout choice. Overall, the Jeep Gladiator 2025 continues the Jeep tradition of rugged, capable, and versatile vehicles. Let’s explore more about this model. 

2025 Jeep Gladiator Redesign

The 2025 Jeep Gladiator marks the continuation of the Gladiator’s lineage, which debuted in 2019 and underwent a significant refresh for the 2024 model year. The 2024 model features a redesigned front grille, resembling the compact Jeep Renegade, and boasts a spacious 12.3-inch infotainment touchscreen. As for the upcoming 2025 model, Jeep has yet to confirm its design officially. Given the recent refresh, significant design changes are not expected for the 2025 Gladiator.

2025 Jeep Gladiator Redesign

How is the 2025 Jeep Gladiator Differ from its Competitors?

The Jeep Gladiator 2025 sets itself apart from competitors like the Ford F-250 and Toyota Tacoma with its unique blend of off-road capability and open-air freedom. Unlike other trucks, the Gladiator offers a removable roof and doors, perfect for outdoor adventures. 

Its rugged design and off-road features make it ideal for work and play. Plus, with impressive towing and payload capacities, it’s ready for any job. Overall, the 2025 Jeep Gladiator offers a versatile and adventurous option in the midsize pickup truck segment.

2025 Jeep Gladiator Release Date

Currently, no official information is available about the release date of the next Jeep Gladiator. The company has not yet made any announcements regarding this. However, according to some reports from prominent automotive websites and media outlets, it is speculated that this pickup truck will be launched in the automotive market in the second half of 2024.

2025 Jeep Gladiator Release Date

2025 Jeep Gladiator Price & Trims

The company has not yet confirmed the price of the 2025 Jeep Gladiator. However, according to some information and experts, it will be offered in seven trims. Pricing is expected to start around $41,500 to $56,500.

Trims Price (est.)
Sport S$44,500
Rubicon X$56,500
Mojave X$56,500
2025 Jeep Gladiator Price

2025 Jeep Gladiator Interior

The 2025 Jeep Gladiator is expected to retain a familiar interior design, focusing on passenger and driver comfort. 

  • Its interior will feature durable and high-quality materials, ensuring a robust build. 
  • The pickup truck will likely come equipped with an advanced infotainment system, including a touchscreen display with smartphone integration, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and navigation options, among other connectivity features.
  • Given its mid-size classification, the Gladiator is expected to offer a spacious cabin with comfortable seating for both front and rear passengers. 
  • The rear seats may be designed to fold, allowing additional cargo space when needed. 
  • One of the standout features of the Gladiator is its potential for removable roof panels and doors, offering an open-air driving experience that adds to the vehicle’s adventurous appeal.
2025 Jeep Gladiator Interior

Pros & Cons


  • Rugged off-road capabilities
  • Iconic Jeep design
  • Spacious interior with durable materials


  • Less comfortable on paved roads
  • Limited cornering ability
  • Higher starting price compared to some competitors

2025 Jeep Gladiator Specs

Brand Jeep
Body typePickup-Truck
Total Seating5-Seating
Fuel TypeGasoline
0 to 60 MPH Time6.5 seconds
Top Speed110 mph
Transmissionautomatic transmission
Drive TypeAWD, or RWD
Basic Warranty3-year or 36,000-mile warranty

Infotainment and Connectivity Features

Here are its infotainment and connectivity features.

1. USB Ports

This feature lets you connect and charge devices like smartphones or tablets using a USB cable, ensuring everyone in the vehicle can easily charge their devices.

2. HD Radio

This feature offers higher-quality audio than traditional radio broadcasts and additional digital channels for a diverse listening experience.

3. Satellite Radio

This feature provides access to various channels with music genres, news, sports, and entertainment, all accessible through a satellite signal.

4. Bluetooth Connectivity

This feature enables a wireless connection between your smartphone and the vehicle’s infotainment system, allowing for hands-free calls and audio streaming.

5. Touch Screen Display

This visual interface on the dashboard allows you to control various vehicle features, such as audio, navigation, and climate control, using intuitive touch gestures.

6. Apple CarPlay

This feature seamlessly integrates your iPhone with the car’s infotainment system, providing access to apps, calls, messages, and navigation through the car’s display.

7. Android Auto

Like Apple CarPlay, this feature integrates your Android device with the vehicle’s infotainment system for a seamless user experience.

8. Wi-Fi Hotspot

This feature offers a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, enabling you to connect multiple devices to the internet using the vehicle’s network.

10. Wireless Charging

This convenient feature allows you to charge compatible smartphones and other devices by placing them on a designated charging pad, eliminating the need for cables.

11. Remote Start

This feature lets you start the vehicle’s engine remotely using a key fob or smartphone app, allowing you to warm up or cool the cabin before entering.

13. Smartphone Integration

This feature seamlessly integrates your smartphone with the vehicle’s infotainment system, providing access to your favorite apps and features while on the go.

Safety and Driver Assistance Technology Features

Here are its safety and driver assistance technology features.

1. Lane Departure Warning

This feature uses sensors to detect when the vehicle drifts out of its lane without activating the turn signal. When it detects this, it alerts the driver with visual or auditory warnings to help them stay in their lane.

2. Lane Keep Assist

Building on the Lane Departure Warning, this feature actively intervenes by gently steering the vehicle back into its lane if it detects unintentional drifting. It works to keep the vehicle centered within the lane markings.

3. Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

This feature detects approaching vehicles from the sides when the vehicle is in reverse. If it senses a vehicle approaching, it warns the driver to prevent a potential collision.

4. Driver Attention Alert

This system monitors the driver’s behavior, such as steering patterns and vehicle speed, to detect signs of drowsiness or inattention. When it detects this, it alerts the driver to take a break and stay alert.

5. Pre-Collision Safety System

This feature uses sensors and cameras to monitor the road ahead for potential collisions with other vehicles or objects. If it detects an imminent collision, it can automatically apply the brakes or adjust steering to avoid or mitigate the impact.

6. Post-Collision Safety System

After a collision, this feature activates to prevent further damage. It can automatically apply the brakes or shut off the engine to reduce the risk of secondary collisions.

7. Dual Front and Dual Rear Side-Mounted Airbags

These additional airbags are located on the sides of the vehicle and deployed from the seat or door to protect occupants’ upper bodies in the event of a side-impact collision.

8. Front and Rear Head Airbags

These airbags deploy from the ceiling to protect occupants’ heads in case of a side impact or rollover collision, providing additional protection beyond the front and rear airbags.

9. Passenger Airbag Occupant Sensing Deactivation

This feature automatically turns off the front passenger airbag if it detects a child or small occupant in the front seat. It helps prevent injury from airbag deployment.

10. Stability Control

This feature helps maintain vehicle stability during turns, slippery conditions, or emergency maneuvers by applying individual brakes and adjusting engine power. It helps keep the vehicle on its intended path.

11. Traction Control

This feature reduces wheel spin during acceleration on slippery surfaces by controlling the power sent to each wheel. It helps improve traction and vehicle stability.

12. Child Seat Anchors

Also known as LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) are attachment points in the vehicle for securing child safety seats. They provide a secure connection for child seats, enhancing safety.

13. Rear Door Child Safety Locks

These locks prevent rear passengers, such as children, from opening the rear doors from the inside. It helps prevent accidental opening of the doors while the vehicle is in motion.

14. 4-Wheel ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)

This system prevents wheel lock-up during hard braking, allowing the driver to maintain steering control. It helps reduce stopping distances and improve vehicle stability during braking.

15. Emergency Braking Assist

In emergency braking situations, this feature enhances the braking power to reduce stopping distances. It works with the ABS to provide maximum braking force when needed.

16. Tire Pressure Monitoring System

This system monitors the air pressure in the tires and alerts the driver if the pressure is too low. Proper tire pressure is important for vehicle safety, fuel efficiency, and longevity.

17. Dusk Sensing Headlamps

These headlamps automatically turn on when they detect low light conditions, such as at dusk or in tunnels. It helps improve visibility and safety during low-light conditions.

18. LED Headlamps

These headlights use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to provide brighter, more energy-efficient lighting than traditional halogen headlights. They offer improved visibility and safety.

19. Daytime Running Lights

These front lights automatically turn on when the vehicle is in drive. They increase the vehicle’s visibility to other drivers, reducing the risk of daytime accidents.

20. Turn Signal Mirrors

These mirrors are equipped with turn signals to indicate the driver’s intention to turn or change lanes. It helps improve visibility to other drivers, reducing the risk of collisions.

21. 2 Front Headrests

These adjustable headrests for the front seats provide comfort and support for the occupants’ heads, reducing the risk of neck injury in a collision.

22. Front Height Adjustable Headrests

These headrests can be adjusted in height to provide optimal comfort and support for the occupants’ heads. It helps reduce the risk of neck injury in a collision.

23. 3 Rear Headrests

These headrests for the rear seats provide comfort and support for the occupants’ heads, reducing the risk of neck injury in a collision.


Overall width without mirrorsStandard
EPA interior volumeStandard
Cargo capacity: all seats in placeStandard
Maximum cargo capacityStandard
Turning circleStandard
Ground clearanceStandard
Angle of approachStandard
Angle of departureStandard
Curb weightStandard

Front Seat Dimensions

Front head roomStandard
Front leg roomStandard
Front shoulder roomStandard
Front hip roomStandard
Bucket front seatsStandard
10-way power driver seat  Standard
Height-adjustable driver seat  Standard
Height-adjustable driver seat  Standard
2 memorized driver seat settings  Standard
4-way power passenger seat  Standard
Multi-level heated driver seat  Standard
Multi-level heated passenger seat  Standard

Rear Seat Dimensions

Rear headroomStandard
Rear legroomStandard
Rear shoulder roomStandard
Rear hip roomStandard
Split-folding rear seatbackStandard
leading center armrestStandard

In- Pickup-Truck Entertainment

infotainment display Standard
AM/FM stereoStandard
180-watt audio outputStandard
8 total speakersStandard
Wireless Android Auto/Apple CarPlayStandard
USB connectionStandard
USB with external media controlStandard
Speed-sensitive volume controlStandard


Emergency Service  Standard
Vehicle Alarm notification  Standard
Stolen Vehicle Tracking/Assistance Standard
Roadside Assistance  Standard
Concierge Service  Standard
Destination guidance (also Turn-by-Turn Navigation)  Standard


Hybrid componentStandard
Roadside assistanceStandard
Free maintenanceStandard


What is the expected release date of the 2025 Jeep Gladiator?

The company has not yet confirmed the official release date of the Jeep Gladiator 2025. However, some reports suggest it may be launched in the second half of 2024.

How much will the 2025 Jeep Gladiator cost?

The price of the Jeep Gladiator 2025 has not been officially confirmed. However, experts estimate it will start around $41,500 to $56,500, depending on the trim level.

Can the 2025 Jeep Gladiator tow a trailer or boat?

Yes, the Jeep Gladiator 2025 is expected to have towing capabilities similar to previous model years. Depending on the engine and configuration, it can tow trailers or boats.

Will the 2025 Jeep Gladiator offer any special editions or packages?

Jeep often offers special editions and packages for its vehicles. While specific details for the 2025 Gladiator have not been announced, Jeep may offer special editions or packages to cater to different customer preferences.


The 2025 Jeep Gladiator continues the legacy of the Gladiator lineup, known for its ruggedness and off-road capabilities. While details about the 2025 model are not yet confirmed, it is expected to feature a familiar design with minor updates and improvements. The 2025 Gladiator will likely appeal to those seeking a versatile and capable mid-size pickup truck with its spacious interior, advanced infotainment options, and durable construction.

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