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2025 Toyota Supra: Release Date, Price, Specs, Pros & Cons

The 2025 Toyota Supra is a famous sports car that has left an indelible mark in the automotive world. It is known for its sleek and unique design; the Supra is a symbol of performance and style. With its aggressive lines, aerodynamic profile, and attention-grabbing aesthetics, the Supra captures the essence of a true sports car.

Under the hood, the Supra boasts two formidable powertrain options, offering drivers a choice between a 255-horsepower base engine and a more powerful 382-horsepower alternative. Safety is a top priority in the Supra, featuring standard advanced safety technologies such as the Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection and automatic emergency braking. 

Beyond safety, the Supra also embraces the latest in-car technologies. It provides drivers with a modern and connected driving experience through features like a touchscreen display. Additionally, it offers seamless integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

Overall, the Toyota Supra exemplifies a harmonious blend of performance, style, and cutting-edge technology in the sports car segment.  If you want to know all the exciting stuff coming in the 2025 Toyota Supra, keep reading this article.

2025 Toyota Supra Redesign

The fifth-generation Toyota Supra, reintroduced in January 2019 as the GR Supra after a 17-year absence from the market, was unveiled with a selection of seven distinct color options. As of now, there is no official notification or information regarding a redesign of the Toyota Supra. 

Enthusiasts eager to learn about any potential redesign will need to await official announcements from the company. Toyota has not disclosed details about any upcoming model revisions or redesigns at this time.

2025 toyota supra redesign

2025 Toyota Supra Release date

As of now, Toyota has not officially announced the release date for the 2025 Toyota Supra. While the company has provided no specific details, it is anticipated that the new Supra may be unveiled towards the end of 2025, aligning with the release for the 2025 model year. 

Despite the absence of official notification, ongoing research will be conducted to stay informed about any updates regarding the launch of the Toyota Supra 2025. We will promptly share this information once it becomes available.

2025 toyota supra release date

2025 Toyota Supra Price And Trims

The official pricing for the 2025 Supra has not yet been disclosed by the company. However, automotive experts anticipate a starting price of approximately $47,000 for the base trim, with the top trim potentially reaching $66,000. The provided estimates are based on expert projections and will be updated with accurate information once the company officially announces the pricing and trim details.

TrimsPrice (Est.)
3.0 Premium$59,000
45th Anniversary$66,000
2025 toyota supra price

2025 Toyota Supra Colors

The 2024 Toyota GR Supra featured a selection of five distinctive exterior colors. Anticipating continuity in the upcoming 2025 model, we have outlined the expected exterior color options below. It’s important to note that these are projections, and the accurate color offerings will be confirmed upon the official announcement by the company:

  • Mikan Blast
  • Renaissance Red 2.0
  • Nocturnal
  • Absolute Zero
  • Stratosphere

We will keep this information updated with the precise colors once officially disclosed by the company.

Pros & Cons


  • Powerful Performance
  • Advanced Safety Features
  • Modern Infotainment and Connectivity


  • Limited Seating Capacity
  • Potentially High Starting Price

Infotainment and Connectivity Features

Here are its connectivity features. 

1. 8.8-inch Touchscreen Display

The 8.8-inch touchscreen display serves as the central hub for the vehicle’s infotainment system. It provides access to various functions, including navigation, audio controls, and other vehicle settings.

2. Full-Digital TFT LCD Gauge Cluster Display

The full-digital TFT LCD gauge cluster display offers a modern and customizable layout for essential driving information. It includes a tachometer (measuring engine revolutions per minute), a speedometer, and a Multi-Information Display (MID) that may show additional details such as fuel efficiency, trip information, and more.

3. Latest Infotainment System

The 2025 Supra would come equipped with an advanced infotainment system, likely featuring improved graphics, user interface, and responsiveness. It may include features such as multimedia playback, smartphone integration, and access to various apps.

4. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

This feature enables seamless integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto without the need for a physical connection. It allows users to mirror their smartphone interfaces on the car’s touchscreen for navigation, music, calls, and more.

5. Wi-Fi Hotspot

The Wi-Fi hotspot provides internet connectivity within the vehicle, allowing passengers to connect their devices and access the internet on the go.

6. Charging Socket and USB Ports

These are essential connectivity features. The charging socket may support fast charging for devices, and the USB ports allow users to connect and charge multiple devices simultaneously.

7. LED Headlights

LED headlights offer improved visibility on the road compared to traditional halogen lights. They often consume less energy and have a longer lifespan.

8. Second-Row Sunshades

Sunshades for the second row provide passengers with shade and help regulate the temperature within the vehicle.

9. Power-Adjustable Driver’s Seat

The power-adjustable driver’s seat allows the driver to customize the seating position for optimal comfort.

10. Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control

Dual-zone automatic climate control enables the driver and front passenger to set different temperature preferences for their respective areas.

11. Driver Easy Speak

Driver Easy Speak is a feature that uses the vehicle’s audio system to amplify the driver’s voice, making it easier for them to communicate with passengers in the rear seats without raising their voices.

12. Integrated Backup Camera

The integrated backup camera assists the driver when reversing, providing a clear view of the area behind the vehicle to enhance safety.

13. Wireless Smartphone Charger

This feature allows users to charge their smartphones wirelessly, eliminating the need for cables.

14. Bluetooth

Bluetooth connectivity enables hands-free calling and wireless streaming of audio from compatible devices.

15. Multi-Information Display

The Multi-Information Display (MID) provides various real-time information about the vehicle’s performance, fuel efficiency, and other essential data.

Engine, Power, and Performance

The current Toyota Supra, which shares its powerplant with the BMW Z4, is equipped with a 3.0-liter inline-six engine generating 382 horsepower and 368 lb-ft of torque. In its base 2.0 trim, it features a 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder engine producing 255 HP and 295 lb-ft of torque. Accelerating from 0-60 MPH takes just 3.9 seconds. 

The upcoming Toyota Supra GRMN is expected to boast the most powerful powertrain, pairing a 3.0-liter straight-six-cylinder engine that can deliver an impressive 543 horsepower.

Safety and Driver Assistance Features

Here are its safety features. 

1. Blind Spot Monitor

This system helps drivers be aware of vehicles in their blind spots, typically through visual or audible warnings. It assists in safe lane changes by alerting the driver if there is a vehicle in the blind spot.

2. Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

This feature warns the driver of approaching traffic from the side while backing up. It’s particularly useful in parking lots and situations where visibility is limited.

3. Hill Start Assist Control

This system prevents the vehicle from rolling backward when starting on an incline. It holds the brakes for a short time after the driver releases the brake pedal, giving them time to switch to the accelerator.

4. Child-Protector Rear Door Locks

These locks are designed to prevent children from accidentally opening the rear doors from the inside, enhancing child safety.

5. Tire Repair Kit

Instead of a spare tire, some vehicles come equipped with a tire repair kit. This kit typically includes tools and materials to temporarily repair a flat tire, allowing the driver to reach a service station for a proper fix.

6. 3-Point Seatbelt

A standard seat belt system that provides three points of contact across the occupant’s body, enhancing restraint and protection during a collision.

7. Emergency Locking Retractor

This feature locks the seatbelt in place during a sudden stop or impact, securing the occupant in the seat and preventing excessive movement.

8. Tire Pressure Monitor System

This system monitors the air pressure in the vehicle’s tires and alerts the driver if the pressure is too low. Proper tire pressure is crucial for safe driving and fuel efficiency.

9. Vehicle Stability Control

This system helps prevent skidding and loss of control by automatically adjusting engine power and applying brake force to individual wheels if it detects that the vehicle is losing traction.

10. Front Passenger Airbag

An airbag designed to protect the front-seat passenger in the event of a frontal collision.

11. Side Curtain Airbags

These airbags deploy from the side roof area to protect occupants in the event of a side-impact collision.

12. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

ABS prevents wheel lock-up during hard braking, allowing the driver to maintain steering control while reducing stopping distance.

13. Brake Assist

This system helps ensure maximum brake force is applied during emergency braking situations, improving stopping performance.

14. Smart Stop Technology

This technology is designed to automatically reduce engine power when both the accelerator and brake pedals are pressed simultaneously, assisting in situations where unintended acceleration might occur.

Interior Design and Comfort

  • The 2025 Toyota Supra boasts an impressive interior that combines luxury and comfort, making it a compelling choice for automotive enthusiasts. The cabin features a sleek design adorned with black leather, complemented by advanced amenities.
  • The vehicle comes equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, ensuring seamless connectivity. Music enthusiasts can enjoy a premium audio experience with the 12-speaker JBL stereo system. 
  • It contains a wireless smartphone charging pad, cruise control, dual-zone automatic climate control, a smart key system, and a remote keyless entry system with a push-button start. While these details are not officially confirmed, the article will be updated once Toyota releases comprehensive information upon the Supra’s launch.
  • Furthermore, the interior prioritizes comfort with spacious and plush seating, ensuring a pleasant driving experience. 

Despite the limited information currently available, the 2025 Toyota Supra’s interior appears promising, offering a blend of luxury and practicality that caters to those seeking both style and comfort in their automotive investment. Stay tuned for updates as the company unveils more details about the Supra’s interior features.

2025 toyota supra interior

2025 Toyota Supra Specs

Model Year2025
Body TypeSedan
Fuel TypeN/A
Number Of DoorsTwo Doors
Seating Capacity2 Passengers
Towing CapacityN/A
Fuel Tank CapacityN/A
Full Tank Fuel RangeN/A
0-60 MPH TimeN/A
Official Websitewww.toyota.com

Toyota Supra Dimension


Interior Dimension

Shoulder roomN/A
Hip RoomN/A
Passenger VolumeN/A
Cargo volumeN/A


Is the 2025 Toyota Supra available in manual transmission?

Yes, the 2025 Toyota Supra offers a choice between a six-speed manual transmission and an eight-speed automatic transmission, catering to diverse driving preferences.

What are the expected engine options for the 2025 Toyota Supra?

The Supra is expected to offer two powertrain options: a 255-horsepower base engine and a more powerful 382-horsepower alternative, providing a range of performance options for drivers.

What safety features are included in the 2025 Toyota Supra?

The Supra is expected to feature standard advanced safety technologies such as the Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection, blind spot monitor, rear cross-traffic alert, and more to prioritize driver and passenger safety.

Does the 2025 Toyota Supra come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

Yes, the 2025 Toyota Supra is expected to feature seamless integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, providing modern and connected driving experiences.


The 2025 Toyota Supra represents a highly anticipated addition to the sports car lineup, combining sleek design, powerful performance, and advanced technology. With multiple powertrain options, safety features, and modern connectivity, the Supra aims to cater to a broad range of automotive enthusiasts. 

While specific details are subject to official confirmation, the projected specifications and features make the 2025 Supra an exciting prospect. It caters to those seeking a harmonious blend of style, performance, and advanced technology.

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